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 Conventional symbols

dash (-)
  • not observed;
  • dots (...)
  • not available;
  • dots (..)
  • not presented;
  • zero (0; 0,0)
  • data are very low for the used units of measurement;
  • symbol ()
  • not applicable.
  •  Main abbreviations

  • thousand
  • per cent
  • square kilometer
  •  Explanations of used symbols

    Next graphic symbols are used mainly for hyperlinks.

  • link to the information and back to the list;
  • link to the help information;
  • help information on this page;
  • to the beginning of the page;
  • click on the possible link in the next word to read more;
  • open/close the demographic passport in this window;
  • display the demographic passport in the new window;
  • print;
  • language selection;
  • tree of demographic passport.

  • Other symbols are also used when needed. Their meaning is explained in the tables where they appear.

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