About the publication

The interactive "My Ukraine" atlas (hereinafter Atlas) contains statistical indicators that characterize the socio-economic situation of Ukraine and its regions. For fast finding to make data easier and better understanding the statistical indicators, a modern data interactive visualization on graphs, diagrams and maps was created. The information is given in the dynamics for 20102021, which allow to assess the trends taking place in the regions of Ukraine, as well as to make inter-regional comparisons. The certain data are presented in a wide retrospective.

The information is grouped into the following sections:

``Administrative Arrangement`` section presents an administrative map of each region, their area, regional center, number of districts, territorial communities, cities, urban-rural settlements, rural settlements as well as the total number population and shares of urban population and the distribution of population by districts of the region;

The "Key Indicators" section presents data for 2021: indicator values, share and place of the region in Ukraine. It is possible to use the function of viewing the selected indicator in the dynamics over the years, ranking the regions of Ukraineby the corresponding indicator, open tables of data by region, view the visualization with maps;

The section ``Main trends`` graphically presents the indices of key indicators in the dynamics over the years. When the graph is activated, it is possible to view the data in table by regions, the ranking of region by this index, to build a map for the selected year, and to save the results.

Some indicators for 2021 are preliminary, some indicators of previous years have been refined in relation to previously published ones.

Information on certain general economic and industry indicators for 2021 will be made public after the deadline for submitting statistical and financial reports established by the Law of Ukraine"On the Protection of the Interests of Subjects of Submission of Reports and Other Documents During the Period of Martial Law or State of War".Information for 20142021 is provided excluding the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the city of Sevastopol and parts of temporarily occupied territories in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The methodology for calculating the indicators compiled according to the international and European standards, which makes it possible to compare with other countries.

More information about the Ukraines social and economic situation is available on SSSU official website (www.ukrstat.gov.ua).